Booth Armstrong - Jan 15, 2018

Now THAT's what you call a great Distributor!

Every day at OHD we strive to protect those who protect us! We accomplish that by developing and offering industry-leading health and safety instruments that protect the world’s lungs, hearing, and vision. To succeed in this endeavor, OHD developed a national and international distributor network that helps us identify those who need our support. These distributor partnerships play a significant role in OHD’s success and as the company’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager I experience the positive impact of these relationships on a daily basis.

I experienced a challenge this week that was another testament to the value of our distributor partnerships. This is my story:

I traveled through New England this week to meet with a number of existing and potential customers. I am wrapping up my trip now and the week has been tremendously successful. This week becoming successful looked very bleak early on Tuesday morning, as my flight on Monday night was rerouted and delayed; I arrived in NYC around 1:30 am. I had an 8:30 am appointment in Western CT, so I was beginning to become a little anxious. I was then notified that my Quantifit and other instruments had been lost in the travel process. No equipment meant no training's or product demonstrations and, ultimately no success!

I pride myself on being accountable, so I was determined to find a way to make it a successful trip and to meet the customer's needs at every scheduled appointment, including the fast-approaching 8:30 am appointment in Connecticut. I decided to contact OHD’s NYC Fire and Law Enforcement distributor AAA Emergency Supplies at 2 AM in the morning for guidance. I let Mr. Manfredi know my dilemma and asked if I could meet him at 6:30 am at his business to borrow one of his Quantifits for the week; I got a response within 5 minutes! As they say, the rest is history. I met Mr. Manfredi early on Tuesday morning, and he made sure I got everything I needed to have a successful week. I made it to all my appointments and I am extremely proud of both the support I was given as well as the support I was able to offer our customers.

As I wrap up the week, I want to thank Mr. Manfredi, AAA, and all of OHD’s distributor partners for playing such a significant role in both my and OHD's success!

Booth Armstrong - Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Written by Booth Armstrong