Justin Lobdell - Jan 8, 2018

OHD to Partner with the University of West Virginia with use of Quantifit

OHD is committed to the research and future development of Respiratory Protection. That is why we have recently partnered with the University of West Virginia and their Department of Industrial and Management Systems.

OHD recently donated a Quantifit respiratory mask fit tester to the University as a part of their Industrial Hygiene research program.

Dr. Kevin He heads up said department at the University of West Virginia and had this to say about the donation.

"The Quantifit that we have received from OHD will be utilized in teaching and research for our Industrial Hygiene and Safety Management graduate programs. For teaching, the Quantifit will be used in class-room demonstration when students are learning the lecture of fit testing of respiratory protection devices. For research, we are planning on including the Quantifit in a master student's thesis work related to respiratory protection."

We are excited and looking forward to what transpires from this research and the bright, intelligent minds at the University of West Virginia.

Written by Justin Lobdell