OHD Partners with the University of Minnesota

OHD is committed to the research and future development of Respiratory Protection. That is why we have recently partnered with the University of Minnesota and their Environmental Health and Safety Department.

OHD recently donated a Quantifit respiratory mask fit tester to the University as a part of their Industrial Hygiene research program.

Andrew Kimball is conducting the respiratory fit testing and spearheading the research at the University of Minnesota Duluth and had this to say about the donation:

"We are excited about our new Quantifit. As we enter our heaviest fit testing time of year, I am finding it easier and more efficient to do many tests in a day. I like the ease of seeing failures immediately and being able to readjust, and retest right away. The ease of use without having to rely on particles gives me more reliability without having to retest the whole set of protocols. I am excited to learn more about the system and all of its capabilities!"

OHD is excited and looking forward to what transpires from this research and the bright, intelligent minds at the University of Minnesota.