Justin Lobdell - May 8, 2018

Volcano on Hawaii Erupts with Life-Threatening Gases

You never know where you might be and what you might be doing when you need a tight fitting mask that has a proper seal. That is where the people on the Island of Hawaii found themselves last Friday when the Kilauea volcano began erupting with yellow and red lava and spewing orange fires with white smoke. But it is the unseen danger that is most crucial to be aware of - sulfur dioxide gas. This type of gas has been said to be an immediate threat to life for all who become exposed.

“I know police, fire, who have been exposed to the gas, pretty much all of them went home sick with headaches,” Talmadge Magno, head of the Civil Defense Agency, said on Friday. He explained that sulfur dioxide affects everyone differently, and almost always adversely. “If you’ve got any respiratory issues, it could be deadly to you.” -NY Times - Meghan Miner Murray/Christina Caron - 5/5/18

Having the capabilities for your local, state and government officials to properly have and test their life saving masks is a critical step in the survival process. Many county, state and fire departments located on the Hawaiian islands rely on the OHD Quantifit to test their employees mask fit and integrity.

With the OHD Quantifit, you can determine if you have a proper seal on your mask within seconds and complete a full, OSHA approved fit test in as little as 3 minutes. When time is of the essence, the OHD Quantifit is the place to turn.


Written by Justin Lobdell