Justin Lobdell - Apr 6, 2018

OHD Partners with Marshall University with Donated Quantifit

OHD is committed to the research and future development of Respiratory Protection. That is why we have recently partnered with the Marshall University and their Safety Department.

Professor James McIntosh with Marshall University recently had this to say about the donated Quantifit from OHD, LLLP.

"The Quantifit will be a great addition to our curriculum at Marshall University. It will provide a hands on learning opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students who will be future safety professionals. The Quantifit represents state of the art in respirator fit testing. Having one of the Quantifits available for student projects and research provides excellent opportunities to advance the state of literature in respiratory protection while enhancing our student learning experience."

OHD is extremely excited to be partnering with such an amazing university like Marshall and aiding them and the future generations in their research.

Written by Justin Lobdell