Justin Lobdell - Feb 11, 2019

OHD to Now offer Live Video Chat for Tech Support Needs

Feb 11, 2019

OHD has been protecting the world's workforce since 1992 with the manufacturing of the Quantifit mask fit tester and distribution of the Cirrus sound monitoring line along with an additional array of occupational health products. We pride ourselves on offering the best, informative support when it comes to choosing health products that are a perfect fit for you as well ensuring those products meet and exceed expectations, even after the sale.
OHD has been known for having a world-class technical support team from distributors and end users alike. That is why we are thrilled to be able to now offer live video chat thru an array of Apple and Android video apps to help you with detailed, technical issues that may arise. Having the ability for one of our Tech Support Guru's to be able to physically see the item/equipment/software that the end user is referencing will greatly enhance a successful and immediate resolution to the problem.
Need help now? Reach out to our Technical Support Team at 888.464.3872 or TechSupport@OHDUSA.com

Written by Justin Lobdell