Justin Lobdell - Jan 22, 2019

OHD Recognizes ShawCity Limited as 2018 International Distributor of the Year

OHD has been protecting the worlds workforce since 1992. It is not without the help from key national and international distributors that we are able to do so.

Providing the world's gold standard in fit testing using our patented Controlled Negative Pressure technology with the Quantifit is what we set out to do many years ago. However, we deemed it necessary that to provide effective, quick and informative information on our technology we needed a vast, trusted distributor network to reach all corners of the world.

OHD's VP of Sales Luke Allen stated that

Many times manufacturers struggle to find partners who can promote and sell technical instrumentation while also providing industry leading service.

Every year OHD recognizes an International Distributor partner that exhibits excellence in sales growth, regulatory development as well as leading sales and marketing efforts. We are ecstatic to announce that the 2018 award is presented to ShawCity Limited in the United Kingdom.

Luke Allen went on to say that

ShawCity has led the way in 2018 with world class results across all criteria. From my perspective, they are the global benchmark for all international distributors who partner with OHD and we are thrilled to present this award to them!

Providing world class safety instrumentation coupled with world class service is what OHD and its Partners strive to do.

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Written by Justin Lobdell