Two Fit Testing Technologies - One Easy Decision

There are essentially two technologies for quantitative respirator fit testing: ambient aerosol technology, which uses particle-based counting and controlled negative pressure (CNP) technology, which...
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Environmental Noise Monitors

What are the latest ways to measure environmental noise?

Environmental noise monitoring has traditionally been limited to main communication methods or manual downloads. These methods required physical presence at the instrument and the ability to access...
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“No Shave November” and OSHA’s Stance on Facial Hair

There is a common question I receive from many companies which is not based around technological advantages, accuracy, or even OSHA standards on how to perform mask fit testing. This question comes...
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Luke Allen

Luke Allen has an extensive background in the Safety & Health field including over 9 years of employment with OHD Inc. Luke currently holds the Chief Sales Officer role for OHD managing sales and distribution worldwide. Luke’s main focus has been in respiratory mask fit testing and noise monitoring, both personal and environmental.
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