Connie Benton - Aug 1, 2016

Quantifit Annual Calibration FAQs & Service Return

Here are some answers to common questions we receive concerning calibration:

How do I initiate the calibration process?
1. Complete the enclosed Service Return Form and include a copy with the shipment
2. Include payment information with the shipment
3. Ship the Quantifit to the address on the Service Return Form

How much does it cost?
For current pricing contact OHD by email at or Toll Free at 1-888-464-3872 ext. 121

How long will it take?
The typical turn-around time to complete the annual service of a Quantifit is 3-5 business days from our receipt of the unit. From the time it leaves your door to the time it returns is dependent on your location and shipping times to/from Pelham, AL. To guarantee the turn-around time you can take advantage of our 24-hour Expedite service (extra charges apply; contact us for details).

What do I need to ship?
The Quantifit, triple tube assembly, trigger button and power cord. We do not need adapters or masks.

How do I package it?
We recommend the Quantifit be shipped in the big black hard case for protection. You can secure the top with a cable tie through the lock hasp on the front for extra security.

How do I pay for the service?
Purchase Orders (PO’s) accepted from clients with established accounts. A hard copy of the PO required with shipment.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are accepted. Include the credit card info on the Service Return Form or request we can call for this information after completing the service.

Do I need to call you and let you know I am sending the unit?
No. If you included your email address on the Service Return Form, we will send you an automated email when we receive the unit.

Do I need an RMA number or form?
No, we do not issue RMA’s for calibration. We do request that you include a completed copy of our Service Return Form with the shipment.

My Quantifit is running fine. Do I really have to have it calibrated every year?
Yes. OSHA requires you follow manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and calibration.

What is Before /After Data?
This is an optional service where we record the instrument measurement specifications upon receipt and prior to us shipping back you. A data report is included in addition to the calibration certificate. The benefit of this information is that it allows you to track the performance of an instrument over time.

OPTIONAL SERVICES – (contact us for more details and pricing)
24 Hour Expedite option
With this optional service we will calibrate and ship your unit within one business day of receipt. This does not include overnight shipping back to you. Contact us in advance to schedule this service.

OHD Round Trip
OHD arranges for the shipment of your fit test unit to and from our facility for the Annual NIST Calibration and Maintenance Service. We have UPS pick up the unit at your location. They even show up with the shipping label. All you need to do is pack it up!

OHD Cal-Exchange
With this option we will provide a Quantifit for you to use while yours is being serviced. This means you have NO downtime!

OHD Accessory Assurance
With the OHD Accessory Assurance program we test your accessories as a complete fit test system to ensure proper operation. We will even use one of your masks if provided. Complete confidence in your entire fit test system is our goal.

Written by Connie Benton