TSI to Discontinue Calibration Services for certain PortaCount® Models

Have you been waiting for the right time to upgrade your fit tester from the TSI PortaCount® to the revolutionary OHD Quantifit®? Aren't you tired of the inconvenience of sometimes having to ensure or generate particles in a closed room with fog machines, candles, salt fog or other means if you need to conduct a fit test? NOW is the perfect time to convert to the OHD Quantifit® to eliminate the hassle with particles. Move to a system which directly measures respirator leak by taking advantage of OHD's $1,500 Trade-In Offer!

TSI recently released news that they will be discontinuing calibration services for the PortaCount® Model 8020, 8028 and the N-95 Companion. OSHA requires that users of fit test systems follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintaining and calibration of fit test devices. TSI guidelines require annual service and calibration, yet they are no longer providing such services for certain models. OHD is proud to state that we are still servicing original OHD fit test systems from 20+ years ago.

OHD calibrates the Quantifit® to a NIST traceable standard, which means it is a quantitative fit test machine capable of being calibrated back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

OHD's goal is to provide you with a lifetime of service for your entire fit test program. Contact us today to trade in your TSI PortaCount® and UPGRADE to an OHD Quantifit®.


*PortaCount is a Registered Trademark of TSI, Inc.