Carlo Emami - Jun 15, 2017

The OHD Quantifit - The Fastest and most Accurate Fit Test - User Testimonial

Below is a recent OHD Quantifit® customer testimonial sent in by an onsite workplace safety solutions company based out of California:

"Our investment in OHD's controlled negative pressure technology was made after very careful consideration of the alternatives. We have been very satisfied with the fast and accurate fit test process. The purpose of a fit test is not just to see if a particular size/make/model of mask fits an employee’s face well, but also to ensure the employee can put it on correctly in a way that consistently provides a good seal.”

Mr. Emami shared the following experience about a challenge he encountered while testing a fire department:

“After many more tries (with the Quantifit) with no passing results on 5 different masks, I left very frustrated. Since I had swapped out just about every other component, I began to wonder if maybe something was wrong with the Quantifit, since there's no way five different masks on five different guys are all leaking. Here I was, looking foolish in front of a brand-new client after talking up the advantages of CNP fit test technology. Well guess looks like all their face-pieces were leaking. I stopped by another fire station to get one of their masks (same make/model) that had been 100% rebuilt and it functioned flawlessly on myself. I then went back to the same guys and they (all) could get a seal on this new mask. It appears that all the seals in their SCBA face-pieces needed to be rebuilt! The older masks they thought were rebuilt just had the seals removed and cleaned, then put back in. I left feeling very relieved and happy to have this more accurate fit test method. Interestingly, they've been passing the TSI Portacount tests without issue for the last decade.”

Mr. Emami concludes his review by stating that:

“It (Quantifit) has revealed mask fit or maintenance issues that were not evident when prior fit tests were conducted using competing ambient particle count methods. We have been very satisfied with the fast and accurate fit test process.”


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Written by Carlo Emami