Dr. Stephanie Lynch - Feb 14, 2023

Review of OHD in 2023

In business for more than 30 years, OHD has grown from its humble roots in the Southeastern United States into a global company.  We accomplished this by manufacturing and selling the best occupational health and industrial hygiene products on the market and always putting our customers’ needs first. By strategically uniting with other manufacturers, offering the most advanced instrumentation and innovation in their respective fields, OHD is your trusted partner for all the technical solutions you need to keep your workforce safe and stay in compliance.

Our flagship product, the QuantiFit2® Respirator fit tester, provides the quickest and easiest fit test on theDSC01678 market. The REDON protocol takes less than 2 minutes. Patented and approved CNP fit test technology requires nothing but air, you can fit test anywhere. The QuantiFit2 has an updated user interface with helpful animations, a color touchscreen, AutoStart functionality. It also has optional battery power so you can take your testing exactly where it needs to go. A new line of PURE Adapters has been developed that are designed for disinfection providing an extra layer of protection during testing.

Untitled design-1For noise and vibration monitoring, OHD is the proud sole U.S. distributor of the SVANTEK line.  SVANTEK is a leading manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation and software for professional use in the field of occupational noise and human vibrations. From personal dosimeters to area sound level meters and vibration monitors, Svantek offers an unrivaled product line to fit your ever-changing needs, and the OHD team has the specialized customer service and sales experience to support you every step of the way.

As we are always striving to provide our clients with the products they need, we recently added air monitoring pumps and equipment to our lineup, becoming the master distributor for the Gilian® line of air monitoringKS_00047 pumps. The Gilian brand name is known for personal and area air sampling pumps, calibrators, and equipment that are tough, dependable, and perform to the highest standards required by industry professionals. Today's Gilian pumps are as reliable as ever and have added features and user-friendly interfaces to make the pumps even easier to use. Industrial hygienists and occupational health and safety professionals have trusted Gilian for years, and this partnership will further benefit our customers.

We also have audiometers, spirometers, sound booths, and more for those of our clients needing other occupational health products and support. Please check out our website or connect with us to see how we can help you.

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OHD has cultivated a team of professionals with expertise across our product offerings to provide timely and specialized support. We will continue to grow and expand to ensure our customers have easy access to a complete technical solution for all their workplace and employee monitoring needs, but we will do this in a thoughtful and intentional way that serves our customers and team well. 

Written by Dr. Stephanie Lynch