Justin Lobdell - Feb 21, 2019

OHD Donates Quantifit to Respiratory Protection Center of Chun Shan Medical University in Taiwan

OHD has recently partnered with the Chun Shan Medical University and provided them with an OHD Quantifit mask fit testing device. Providing these up and coming students with the capabilities to see and test with OHD's controlled negative pressure technology will further enhance their knowledge on the importance of fit testing when they enter the workforce.

The principal, Ke-Dan Lu and Head of Occupational Health Yan-Hui Lin were in attendance at the donation ceremony and were extremely grateful for OHD's contribution to their program.

Principal Ke-Dan Lu stated that

Different types of respiratory protective masks are suitable for different types of hazards and situations. If the respiratory protective equipment is not properly selected and available, it will not be able to achieve the protection for workers.

The General Manager of Instrument Co. LTD Chen Ronghe then stated

the Chun Shan Medical University will use the Quantifit to help teachers explanations in the classroom as well as to aide students in having a deeper understanding of the mask fit.

OHD prides itself on educating the masses on proper fit testing and its importance and this is just another step in that educational direction.

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Written by Justin Lobdell