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Feb 16, 2017

Occupational Health Dynamics - A new strategic addition to the SCHAUENBURG International Group

Mülheim, Germany February 1st 2017 – SCHAUENBURG International Group acquired the business of OHD, Inc., of Hoover, Alabama (U.S.A.). OHD is a leading provider of industrial hygiene and occupational health technology and services. The company’s purpose, facilities and employees remain unchanged, including senior management who remains active within the company.

This acquisition further advances the focus and activities of SCHAUENBURG International in protecting worker’s health through high-tech products and services. “OHD provides an exciting opportunity and strategic add-on for our group and will support our efforts as a technology as well as service supplier in industrial health and safety instrumentation” stated Florian G. Schauenburg, CEO of SCHAUENBURG International.

Tim English, VP-General Manager and a management partner in the newly formed OHD, LLLP, said “Joining the SCHAUENBURG International Group allows us to maintain our operational independence while benefiting from a wealth of management experience and exposure to the global business network of the SCHAUENBURG International Group.”

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