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The Finishing Trades Institute International Partners With OHD

The Finishing Trades Institute International (IFTI) is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with OHD - a company we have had the pleasure of working with since discovering them while...
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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

A Dosimeter for the Future: a History of the doseBadge

In 1995, a team of young engineers at Cirrus Research set to work on revolutionising the design and functionality of noise dosimeters. Their hard work and tireless dedication to the protection of...
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The doseBadge5 helps reluctant workers protect their hearing [Case Study]

Ear protection isn’t the most stylish or fashionable thing to wear and it can certainly impede your ability to have a conversation. Many people see and read the signs around industrial areas that...
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fit testing

New ISO Standards for Mask Fit Testing

  In March 2018, after a five-year process involving more than 60 countries, a brand new international safety and occupational health standard, ISO, was published. The standard works to set a new...
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Real-world Problems with Mask Fit Testing

Work is dangerous, and industrial hygienists know that danger is not a finite resource—it has to be stamped out wherever it’s found. When workers are protected and respirators fit correctly, your...
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A Sound Level Meter with Calibrator

Each time you use your sound level meter, it should be calibrated using an acoustic calibrator. This can help you ensure that your instrument is measuring correctly and that you are complying with the requirements of any...
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Quantifit - Jul 27, 2018

Fit-Testing Definitions - Everything That You Need to Know

Fit-testing has changed over the years. For a while, there was only one accepted technology and method for testing the fit of masks. Those processes have changed (for the better) as we provide an OSHA and ISO-approved method...
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What Do You Need To Measure For Your Work's Noise Regulations?

When making measurements to estimate the noise exposure of a person at work, you need to ascertain the equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level (LAeq) that represents the noise the person is exposed to during the...
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Fit Test Productivity Breakdown

If your organization is like most, you rarely conduct a one-off fit test. Instead, you block out several days/weeks out of the year to test every respirator, every required employee in your organization. Efficient testing is...
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OSHA - Jun 18, 2018

We're Here to Help - Because YOU Protect Us

Here at OHD, we strive to provide exceptional customer service for you and your employees. Whether it be fit testing, noise monitoring programs or any of our other safety products, we have deemed it our goal to inform, guide and...
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