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What are the latest ways to measure environmental noise?

Dec 6, 2016

Environmental noise monitoring has traditionally been limited to main communication methods or manual downloads.  These methods required physical presence at the instrument and the ability to access the instruments easily.  As technology advancements continue to move forward, many of the connectivity methods have opened the door for advancements in looking at measuring environmental noise.  These advancements also allow less physical presence and open the door to remote connectivity around the world.  The first advancement is Wi-Fi compatibility with environmental noise instruments.  These instruments can be remotely staged inside or outside a facility and connected throughout the day via a Wi-Fi connection.  With a strong Wi-Fi connection, operators can access the GPS coordinates of the instrument, download measurement data, and listen live through the instrument on a 5 – 10 second delay.  With this form of connectivity, reporting and real time data is easily captured or monitored.   Sound Measurement in the field 5.jpgDownload White Paper

Topics: Environmental Noise Monitors